5 + 1 Fragen an Norman Doray

Arno Cost & Norman Doray

Arno Cost & Norman Doray

Today we continue our little series of interviews: Part 1 – Arno Cost, part 2 – Norman Doray. Over 2009 the boys have enjoyed success together playing several times during the summer at David Guetta’s now globally acclaimed night „Fuck me I’m Famous“ held at Pacha Ibiza. In the end of October both released their compilation „Live & Direct Norman Doray and Arno Cost“ that you can win on HousePlanet while you answer the following question: When Cr2 Records was founded and who was the founder of this record label? Now it’s Norman’s part!

Please introduce yourself a little:

Name: Norman Doray
Country: France

How did you get started on music and since when are you a DJ?

I started music 6 years ago and djing 10 years ago ;)

Do u have had gigs in different locations. Which club/location has impressed you the most so far?

Yeah im playin a lot in different countries, but my best destinations are India and Japaan…these 2 places are amazing and the crowd are unbelievable ;)

What are your current favourite tracks?

Hum maybe the new Steve Angello called Monday…i love the groove and the melody in it. Angello is back again…Watch out!!!

What kind of music do you listen to privately?

I love differents styles but mainly disco, fuck, downtempo…then a bit of pop music. At the moment im listenning a lot Calvin Harris & Empire Of The Sun albums

Are there any projects you got planned in the near future?

Yeah after a great summer, i went back in the studio and im ready to release two new projects: Exclusive remix of the anthemic Woz Not Woz with my Friend Arno Cost and my solo new track “Tobita”, already Essential New Tune of Pete Tong on the 23rd October. I have also mixed the new CR2 Live & Direct Compilation…Release 26th October ;)

More information:
# MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/normandoray
# Twitter: http://twitter.com/normandoray
# Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/normandoray
# Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/normandoray

Norman Doray began his DJ career a few years previously to Arno in 2002. Proving to be a natural, just a year later Norman had secured residency at a club in Lille where he honed in on those expert skills we see today. By 2004 he was on the move, playing a number of clubs both on home turf and abroad, whilst making his first steps production wise too. In 2006, his first track ‘In the name of love’, a collaboration with friend Pierre De La Touche, was released on German label Starfunk Records.

Norman hasn’t looked back since doing collaborations with Arno and de la Touche and continues to produce solo material as well. His second solo single ‘Krystal’ was released September 2008 on CR2, Serial Records and We Play. This was followed closely by a collaboration with Tristan Garner called ‘Last forever’ signed to 17 labels worldwide and with a video produced in Shanghai China, this record projected Norman in to the production elite.

Über Philipp

Philipp, der wohl größte Pan-Pot Fan auf Erden, ist das Herz und die Seele von replay – um nicht zu sagen: Philipp ist replay, wenn er nicht gerade als Webdesigner arbeitet. In vielen Beiträgen und musikalischen Schmankerln lässt Philipp euch an seiner Liebe zur Musik und nicht zuletzt an seiner musikalischen Entwicklung teilhaben. Im Moment öffnet er immer wieder gern die Schubladen Deep House, Tech House und Techno. Und dies macht er in jeder freien Minute, die sich finden lässt - mit jeder Menge Einsatz und Engagement, mit unglaublich viel Liebe zum Detail und einer LKW-Ladung Herzblut. Um euch weiterhin qualitativ hochwertige Einblicke in die Welt der elektronischen Tanzmusik zu liefern, ist Philipp für euch immer wieder ganz vorn dabei.

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