Clint Stewart – Shadows on the Wall EP (Second State)

Clint Stewart, Second State Künstler der ersten Stunde, liefert mit „Shadows On The Wall“ erneut eine überragend facettenreiche EP. Die titelgebende Nummer spielten Pan-Pot in ihrem BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

Clint Stewart

Im Rahmen der EP-Veröffentlichung hat Clint ein paar Fragen beantwortet. Unter anderem spricht er über die EP, seinen Umzug nach Berlin, das Watergate und was in 2017 noch ansteht. Das unten stehende Interview ist in Englisch, auch wenn Clint aktuell Deutsch-Unterricht nimmt.


A1. Shadows On The Wall
B1. Nias
B2. Lost On Kauai
Digital only: Ghost Tree

Clint Stewart - Shadows on the Wall EP (Second State)

As a Second State key artist from the very first hour you are releasing your 4th own EP called „Shadows on the Wall“ on Thomas‘ and Tassilo’s Label. Please tell me something about the background of the tracks. Where you produced them and when you finished them?

Clint Stewart: All of them were written in Berlin over the course of three years. They were never written with the idea of putting them out together or one single concept. In the end it was 4 tracks that I felt fit together and honestly represented me as an artist. Diverse, emotional, dramatic storytelling. This is definitely the first ep where I feel really confident in an eclectic release.

What are the reactions from friends, dj and producer colleagues so far?

Clint Stewart: So far, I’ve been blown away. I’ve received some super nice personal emails and messages from other artists I hold in a very high esteem, so to say the least it is really flattering.

What is your favourite track of this EP?

Clint Stewart: Damn, that’s really hard because they all have a personal connection to me and where I was in life when I wrote them, but if I had to pick one I would say “Nias”. It’s the one track that I feel has all the aspects of my character in one track. A bit heavy but warm and emotional. Maybe a bit dramatic too but uplifting without being too obvious or cheeky. I also wrote the track when I was going through some pretty heavy personal stuff with someone really close to me and I think the track really reflects that.

What’s coming next on Second State?

Clint Stewart: After my EP is the next HUB by Michael Klein and then a string of EP’s from the crew.

You signed an EP on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M. Please tell me something about this EP and when is release date?

Clint Stewart: It’s out June 19th and according to some friends it’s the best I’ve done yet, but I can’t say that as I am way to subjective about my own stuff. You have to decide for yourself. You can check the A1 on Monika Kruse’s latest Essential Mix and get back to me. Ha ha!

You are originally from San Francisco but you are currently living in Berlin and taking also German lessons. I heard you moved completely to Berlin? What are the main reasons for you?

Clint Stewart: I moved here when I was going through some changes in my life and also it was the right time to make the next step musically, and the encouragement from Tassilo and Thomas sealed the deal. I lived here for almost four years before I started my Deutschkurs and for me it was just time to accept the fact that I might be here for a long time and to be comfortable with that and finally acclimate. Also I always felt like it’s pretty rude to move to another country and not speak the language so, here I am.

Because of touring the world you know many places and touched other club and music scenes. What means the German club and techno scene for you?
Clint Stewart: I have always felt an incredibly warm reception in Germany so there is a very deep personal connection for me. Germans know how to party and throw a party. They set the standard for the world and everyone tries to follow. Except for the Netherlands, there are no other countries whose people and government support and nurture the scene like they do so it’s an entirely different level.

As a member of the W-Agency you play regularly at Watergate. Everyone who visited this club once know the great vibe on both floors and all the things what makes Watergate so special. What makes Watergate so special for you and what was your best gig in 2017 so far?

Clint Stewart: Watergate is home to me. It’s where I feel most comfortable. I’ve played there too many times to count and I have only once played upstairs. The water floor is my living room and I feel like I can do whatever I want there so it’s always the gig I plan the least for and just let it flow. Besides that, the staff, owners, booking agents, door guys, coat girls and bartenders are all like a big family. Everyone shows everyone a ton of love and every time I walk through the door it’s like coming home. It’s pretty much all I could ever ask for.

What is in the pipeline for the rest of 2017?

Clint Stewart: Besides the next Second State and Terminal M EP’s I am working on the final touches of my record on Alex Niggemann’s Aeon imprint as well as a couple other EP’s that I can’t disclose yet as we are still in the talking stages but way more original music coming in the second half on ’17. I have a month long tour in the US in July and then back playing all over EU end of summer into fall. Lots of new stuff coming so keep in touch and hope to see you somewhere soon.

Das Interview führte Philipp Storl.

Über Philipp

Philipp, der wohl größte Pan-Pot Fan auf Erden, ist das Herz und die Seele von replay – um nicht zu sagen: Philipp ist replay, wenn er nicht gerade als Webdesigner arbeitet. In vielen Beiträgen und musikalischen Schmankerln lässt Philipp euch an seiner Liebe zur Musik und nicht zuletzt an seiner musikalischen Entwicklung teilhaben. Im Moment öffnet er immer wieder gern die Schubladen Deep House, Tech House und Techno. Und dies macht er in jeder freien Minute, die sich finden lässt - mit jeder Menge Einsatz und Engagement, mit unglaublich viel Liebe zum Detail und einer LKW-Ladung Herzblut. Um euch weiterhin qualitativ hochwertige Einblicke in die Welt der elektronischen Tanzmusik zu liefern, ist Philipp für euch immer wieder ganz vorn dabei.

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